Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking a short Break...

Yippeee!! Im going away this weekend with my school friends! :-D to Coorg! All bookin done and we leave early thursday morning and be back on saturday night - and I CANT wait until thursday! :-D

And talking of blogging - Im thinking of taking a break here too for some time...Yeah, I know, for someone ho hardly blogs like once or twice a week this sounds ridiculous - did to me too... but then I saw RM's mail and Seema's mail (Thank You, ladies) and I was overwhelmed that they thought about me when they didnt see my comments.

I think thats another think with blogging - one doesnt really need to write everyday - as long as your friends know that you are around which you do by leaving your comment on their posts thats enough. But off-late there are so many things happening and at such a fast pace-life is throwing me things from all directions and right now Im a little high-strung and short of time. And let me admit-blogging is an addiction-Though Im not posting, Im definitely spending a lot of time blog hopping and commenting which I must ashamedly admit has affected my work. I need to catch up! So Take Care Ye' All... I'm still around but I might not be a frequent visitor on a daily basis and will catch up over the weekends (Hopefully, if Chutku lets me). This space matters to me and I dont want to just do it for the heck of it rather than enjoying it...

This break is just for a short time - A month max? Please, Pretty Please will you all still hang around here and not leave me? *Sob sob* 


  1. Have a wonderful Coorg trip, RS!! :D :D

    And we'll miss you (and Chutku more!!) on this space. Why are you even asking? We'll definitely hang around here! Have a good break, okay!

    Just to remind you of some holiday-homework, when you are back, you have Ani's tag to complete! :P :P

  2. Get everything settled and get back to blogging...for we are waiting for your updates.
    Have a fantastic time at Coorg and do take lots of pictures :)

  3. Enjoy your vacation RS :)

    Hope things get settle down fast !!! We will miss you!! Come back soon with loads of stories OK??


  4. Have an awesome trip babe.. You deserve the break... I am far behind on reading your blogs... By the time you return back, I will catch up :-)

  5. Have a super trip! Coffee, oranges and all that!