Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Versatile blogger - huh?!

Woohoo! My first ever blogging award for popularity! I mean - I had seen this being passed around a long time back among bloggers that I read and admired but for this to come to me - Wow! Thanks Deeps And Im really sorry that I took this long to publish this here. 7 random things about me is so hard to write! I remember another tab that had gone around like this about quirks that I thought I will just post that link here but I knew Deepsi would just come behind me with a big fat stick - so here it goes again...

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says:
Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers -
Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
Share 7 Random things about yourself -
Thank the Blogger who nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

- Something on physical appearance - I have a big mole on my face which generally fascinates kids and babies - except my own. (Of course sometimes the adults too comment but the social conditioning stops people from saying anything most times). I  wear spectacles and lens make me extremely uncomfortable and to add to it - hubby likes me with my specs on! Though I do like wearing make-up and admiring people who wear makeup and matching jewelery, I just dont have the patience for it. So I dont even buy them-just look at them and ogle at the counters in big shops and come home. And Im not even confident that I can carry off a made-up look. I end up eating even that bit of lipstick during the car ride even before we reach any function. So, its really not worth the effort...

- I am a extremely lazy and a big procrastinator - I keep postponing things until the time when there is a fire underneath to get things done.

- I love home deocr stuff and can spend hours lurking at these design/decor websites and keep thinking I should do them-but from point 2 - it never gets done...

- I love a good arguement but I hate confrontations. I can argue on something I believe strongly for hours but The minute I need to argue to 'fight' - I just give up-even if I know Im right especially in the workplace. Im sure if hubby is reading this he would be smirking coz Im completely the opposite at home!

- Though not exactly a cleanliness freak, I try to keep the house atleast clean enough for first glance - just incase someone drops in! - some kind of a fetish that even at 10-11pm I would be sorting out clothes sometimes...

- Im quite a scaredy cat - I can never sit on a roller coaster or watch a horror movie. I couldnt sleep for almost a week after I watched RGV's Bhooth and hubby still laughs at me for it :-(

- I love travelling and seeing new places.  Thankfully, its a passion I share with the husband and before chutku we did do quite a bit of travelling. I think its time to resume that again... Infact 8 months in the US and we were hardly home over the weekends. We were called the 'tourist aunty/uncle' by some friends...

And here's the previous one for quirkiness:

Thankfully I will absolve myself of tagging anyone - oh no wait! Hmmm... Let me tag Sanju, the one who introduced me to blogging and I know lurks at most blogs :-D without commenting to take this one up...*evil grin* everybody else I read have already been tagged and have also completed the tag- yeah yeah.. I know I AM the procastinator...


  1. Congrats RS.. hey I had a mole on my face too but removed it using electrolysis treatment.... :)

  2. and I just awarded you as well :) Hugs hugs hugs..

    Errr..on the make up...I so agree...and hi-fi on the cleanliness freak and scaredy cat..we could be kumbh mein bichide hue baache :)

  3. I am like you on being a scaredy cat!! :) :)

    Congrats on the award!!

  4. Hey, I am able to comment today from work. Yayayay.

    Sorry RS, have not been able to comment on your blog although I read all that I missed during vacation.

    I guess I liked the quirks better *evil grin*

    I think you look better with your specs too. I don't seem to recollect the mole.... *Digging hard into my memory* You - a scaredy cat?? Really? That's news to me.

    Hey, why don't you move to WP? It's very easy and you can retain all the comments as well... Do give it a thought *puppy faced*

  5. Congratulations RS :) :) :)

    On home decor stuff-I have a imaginary home nicely decorated n all. In reality I am just the opposite!! :P

    Scared of roller coaster is it ? I am not scared of all these dry rides, but water rides scare me a lot!!!

  6. Am I the first?? Not sure though..

    Good one RS,fso finally u finished ur Tag haan...
    Cant believe u were scared of RGV's Bhoot da..

  7. Oh Gee! Thanks. What would I do with out you to tag me for things like this. :-P

    Sigh! and I was so happy in my cave lurking at blogs.