Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teri Meri Prem Kahaani-Friendship to Love

During the first year of college, apart from those couple of instances there was hardly any interaction between us. Then January came and we had our first class trip to Hemagiri falls. It was a lot of fun getting to know the people in the class.(class strength had dwindled out by then with people going off to Engg and Medical colleges). I remember S was the only guy who stood at the bottom of those slippery stone extensions which were used as steps to get down into the water and helped every girl and the teacher get down. score-1. I realised maybe he really wasnt that egoistic guy.On the journey back home that evening, he sat next to me and that was when I really spoke to him. Rather he spoke to me-only about his mom for more than half the journey,making me realise how much of a mamma's boy he was. He readily accepted that he was a mamma's boy and respected her a lot - score-2. I had until then not met a teenage guy who would readily admit it. We also spoke about his arrogance and I remember him clearly laughing out loud and explaining each an every instance I thought he had been arrogant. A lot about his personality became clearer to me that day and I guess we became friends since then. Ofcourse-imagine, we were 18 and in college so there were other guys who began to tease us together. Initially we just got irritated and then we just began to ignore them.

The second year of college started and it seemed like there was never a break. We continued to be good friends and we moved around in a big gang of 12-8 girls and 4 boys. We used to either attend classes together or bunk together, go to someone's house, sit and chat or walk the 1.5kms to the nearest complex and share chaats with the combined money we had. None of us used to have any more than 20-30rs at any point in time. One of the guys had a maruti omni and all of us used to dump ourselves in that and go to drop each one home! Ofcourse all our parents knew about our gang (Dad called us the 'Dirty Dozen') and we used to make an adda out of someone's house whenever we bunked classes. That was the time other love stories began to happen in the group. There became another couple Sh&Sm and there were a couple of proposals from other guys to me. We also began to tease S with another girl who was quite serious about him and had even told at home. We also went on the very eventful 2nd year trip to Bulmuri falls and on the way back we again sat next to each other. I think by then most of the crowd knew that there was something brewing between us while I was still stupidly ignoring everything. We ended up holding hands and looking at the stars that evening through the journey back home.

In all this fun, we also had a big tragedy, which left us all completely shaken. We were studying for the final exams when one morning we got to know that one of our friend had committed Suicide. We only knew that she had a boyfriend but none of us knew who he was and how serious their relationship was. And apparently he dumped her.She committed suicide. And it left me very very upset. Not that she was my best friend-but she was someone I used to talk to on a regular basis and I cried for days. That was the time,I guess, his calls to me began on a daily basis...

In the final year, S decided to take up CAT entrance exam for IIM. And he convinced me that it would be good for me to take too. I came home and asked Dad,he readily agreed and was very happy that he didnt have to push me into something and I wanted to do it myself. So, we began to do combined studies together which gave us more time to be alone and not create doubts (or so we thought.Bah! Now I wonder, who were we trying to fool?!). And we did study seriously until December 7th....

PS:  People, please bear with me! I didnt realise that there would be so much story to tell when I first started it. Infact I told Seema that it would end in one episode. After reading this, it seems long enough to add more into this. So, proposal and what happens next, in the next post...


  1. and you leave the post AT A DATE!! oh my God! RS, Wait till I meet you, I want to spank you JUST FOR THIS..

    Awwww !at the hand holding and all...

    you n Seema have had such interesting love stories yaar...I wish I had a boyfriend whom I married...Gah to RD right now :)

  2. Both you and Seema love to make us wait. No?! :( :( When is the next part coming up?

    And yay.. You are moving to WP! :D :D (I am yaying 'cos every time I comment, I don't have to prove I am a robot!:) :))

  3. Sweeeeeet esp. this part "I think by then most of the crowd knew ...... through the journey back home.

    Not fair Not fair to make us wait like this...waiting for next part :D

  4. Well as long as you dont keep us waiting till dec 7 th of this year to come with the next part PLEASEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    right waiting for the next part then .. you and seema are trying to make us sit on the edge of the seat for long i guess ..


  5. Hey ... did you study in Mysore ??? Bulmuri ... Hemagiri falls are all areas around Mysore :) We locals visited these places quite often :)

    Awaiting the next post :)

  6. RM and SnS - Hehehe :-D The next part is up. What to do rey! I also need to work at work!

    Bikram - Check out the new place for the next episode- Arey! mine is not so nail biting has Seema's yaar! Hata-Off to them!

    CA-No, I am a true-blue Bangalorean. We only did 1 day trips to Hemagiri and Balmuri :-)

    Summerscript - Lady! You better come up with your own original love story soon! :-P