Monday, February 27, 2012

Teri Meri Prem Kahaani-No love at First Sight

It was those initial days of degree college when we were a small group of 4 girls, all school friends, who studied +2 in different colleges and had come together again for the degree classes. We were very religiously attending the classes. It was a new college for 2 of us while the other 2 were from the same college.We had heard a lot about the kind of extra curricular activities and the fun that happened in the college.

One such hot July afternoon, we were all sitting in a very strict Math class- I can still remember the Mehendi Brown hair of the lecturer with his tall build. It was about 20mins since the class had started and we heard some noise and a few boys wanted to come into the class.None of them had the guts to ask the lecturer an "Excuse Me" or "May I come In" and were discussing who would ask. Then one of them was pushed ahead and asked permission very confidently and when the lecturer asked why they were late, he very confidently said "Sir, we didnt know whose class it was, only when we realised it was your class, we decided to attend" and the lecturer just let them all in. The friend sitting next to me nudged me and said" He is S, he was in my class in +2 also. Very arrogant guy. Has a lot of head weight."- That was the first sight. Hmmm...
Confession: I kind of liked his confidence and the way his hair fell on his forehead...

His Version:
He says he first 'noticed' me at the bus stop one afternoon while my friend and me were waiting for the bus. I do remember that nonsense conversation that day-about the planning for the 1st year trip and I also remember we missed a couple of buses to our stop so we could continue chatting! And all that he noticed about me was my non-stop chatter with a lot of head and arm waving and he thought "My God! How much this girl talks and how her head shakes! I wonder how her neck doesnt hurt by the end of the day!"

There was a college inter class drama competition that is conducted every year in the college and the boys had decided to do it while the rest of the class had to pay 200rs for the stage and costumes. And we all had to give it to S! During one break between classes one of the girls gave him the money and he said something real nasty (dont remember what it was now) and I lost my temper. I shouted right back at him and told him that there was no need for any Ego clashes here and we were only giving money as a class, so if he didnt want it he could just leave and pay the rest of the money from his pocket. And he just stared at me and walked off. Later, much later I got to know that the girl to whom he said that, had already had a fight with him regarding this money and that was a continuation of the same arguement and I had only heard his words...Oops! But no, I didnt apologise...

This is how we got to know each other first. I remember telling a friend at that point in time: "My God! This guy has so much ego and temper that he either really needs someone very docile who doesnt have her own self-respect and nods her head for everything he says, or he needs someone really strong who can head-butt with him at every stage to get things her way"
Little did I know that *that* girl could be me!


  1. Did you and Seema plot this against us :( that you would leave us with such tanalizing tales that we cant think but wonder how the story would proceed....

    waiting and more waiting :)

    Awww..on his version

  2. Heh.. Karma I say! All Karma! :D :D

    So, when do we get the continuation? This afternoon?

  3. hehe loved it.. now waiting for the next it soon :)

  4. :) COULD or IS you ...
    It is true then girls get to know bad boys for sure he he he he ..

    OS then what happened

  5. Hammm little did u know it will be u.....:) waiting for ur next post!!

  6. I was giggling at ' I kind of liked his confidence and the way his hair fell on his forehead...' Since I know the two of you personally, I am visualizing your Kahaani with the two of you...

    At 'hair fell on his forehead', I dunno why I was imagining Chandler during his school at the Thanksgiving party at Monika's. I'm sorry, but somehow I imagined S in that hairstyle :-D

    And you girl, you are taking revenge on me na? Waiting eagerly for the next part! See I came online just to drop a comment at this hour :-)

  7. Hahahaha on 'my non-stop chatter with a lot of head and arm waving and he thought' - you were the same then too eh? I find this habit of yours really cute :-D

  8. awww..story is total filmy. :D Love it. Waiting for more :)

  9. Hahah...I love it that u remember and can describe so much from the beginning!! :-)
    Waiting for moreee!!